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Fantastic Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes [Infographic]

Does anyone come to your Thanksgiving dinner this year, why do not you try new lifestyle and vegetarian? Since you do not eat meat, is Thanksgiving Day bored for you? If you do not really know how to serve as a vegetarian or vegetarian Thanksgiving dish, the notorious Tofurky is more than you think. This infographic on has several options, all with only 10 or fewer components. How is a pie of double potato with the sound of olive and feta? Or are sweet potatoes clogged with lentils and goat cheese? Regardless of whether you are looking for Thanksgiving main dishes, appetizers and tastes, or delicious desserts, this infographic and beautiful recipe guide will meet your needs! You can always wait until Thanksgiving these foods anytime, anytime, anytime of the year!

Fantastic Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes