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Gen Z - The Most Entrepreneurial Generation Yet? [Infographic]

Over the centuries, the Z generation has 61 million Americans. The oldest people started college graduation. Generation Z has a wonderful plan for the future and they support them through diligence and dedication. After the crisis of student loans, 44 million Americans suffer a debt of 1.4 billion dollars, the group is reluctant to withdraw student loans, 70% of generation Z is hard to save in the future due to student debt I believe. Prior to the age of 10, 21% of generation Z had its own savings account, 24% planned to pay at university without generating lifetime debt.  Generation Z is optimistic about the future, but understands the challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve the goal. Let's see this infograph and learn about the Z generation, how they train their way, how to make each step successful.

Gen Z - The Most Entrepreneurial Generation Yet?