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Psychology of Work Fatigue [Infographic]

In early 1976, the average working hours in the United States was about 37.5 hours - 47.7 hours in 2017. We definitely have longer working hours than decades ago, but are we working smarter? Over 40% of workers answered that the stress level under work fatigue would be adversely affected.

Fatigue is defined as the state of physical and mental fatigue beyond fatigue or fatigue. In the human body, fatigue reminds us that attention should be paid to others. From an evolutionary point of view, fatigue can remind us to meet our needs, such as finding food and evacuation centers. Today there is no need to find our own food, but fatigue still exists, ignoring it makes the problem bigger.
Taking steps to prevent work fatigue starts with a simple change in consideration and self care, but the result is a more fulfilling and meaningful work / life balance. For details on how to hit the blue of work fatigue, please see the infographic below.

Psychology of Work Fatigue