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The Art and Science of Scalability [Infographic]

Between 2015 and 2017, start-up companies created a total of 2.3 trillion dollars, making entrepreneurship a powerful global force. Today, owner of small business says that 88% want to increase revenue next fiscal year, so I would like to expand the scale, but without scalability it will not happen. On the business side, I understand the ability to adapt, extend and upgrade scalability. This allows companies to prepare more customers, more data, and more resources without limiting operational costs. Unfortunately, the biggest barrier to scalability is the obstacles faced by small business owners, such as efforts to improve the quality of recruitment, trial operation problems, and small internal systems. Most importantly, the manager of the micro manager already has the perfect formula for the company you are afraid of growing.

In short, scalability means adjusting, expanding, and upgrading as necessary. Has your business been successful? This infographic leads readers through the subtleties of art and science of conditions and extensibility necessary to build a business with sufficient development space.

The Art and Science of Scalability