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The Most Banned Books of 2017 (And Beyond) [Infographic]

American books are not baked, but they are often on the shelves of the library. In many cases, strange political, religious, social problems from Communism to LGBT Q + 's right, some of the best literary works in the US are challenged in the public domain. From the 13 reasons of suicide to pink's 50 degree gray, we will review the biggest challenges of the past five years, to well-inherited classics such as 'absolutely true diary' time Indian.

What's going on here? Why do Americans bring books from the library? The reasons cited in particular in recent years are often related to gender concepts, gender values, sexuality, and nudity. Next, there is a book that contains the contents of the LGBT and the identity of the transgender. They must be placed on a shelf. Due to the influx of books focused on diversity, a large number of corresponding negative reactions have been submerged, especially since 2014. In 1984, "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" "Watchman" "Adventure of Rye" "Purple" "Great Gatsby", "They are considered as eternal classics now! The novel rejected today is tomorrow's Will it be the most popular novel?

The Most Banned Books of 2017 (And Beyond)