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Study reveals which AI-driven apps consumers trust the most [Infographic]

Suggestions directed by artificial intelligence are presented to consumers across the United States every day. From recommended songs on Spotify, to programs on Netflix, to profiles highlighted in dating apps, machine learning is attracting consumer interest and trying to introduce them to similar content.

To understand consumer satisfaction with the results, Innovative Technology Solutions surveyed 2,000 Americans. Artificial intelligence is divided into seven categories: TV/movie streaming, music streaming, news applications, dating applications, GPS, job search applications, and restaurant and bar applications. 

According to the ITS survey, Americans are most satisfied with GPS-driven AI-driven recommendations and are most dissatisfied with AI-driven news app content (such as Facebook news feeds). Compared with the advice provided by people they know and trust (such as friends), among the six categories of seven types of artificial intelligence, respondents indicated that they would trust friends more. The only category in which respondents are more likely to trust technical advice is GPS navigation and direction.

Study reveals which AI-driven apps consumers trust the most