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The Deadliest Pandemics of this Century [Infographic]

When will the next worldwide outbreak occur? That is a question in the heart of many people in the medical world. Even with only the past 100 years, it was a handful of diseases that caused millions of people to be killed around the world. Spain influenza alone (1918 - 1919) was the cause of estimated deaths of over 50 million people. HIV / AIDS has robbed at least 35 million lives since 1983. Experts tend to agree that the next big epidemic is even more dangerous and potentially depriving 100 million people. The reason for the increase in devastation is due to the following contemporary events. Increases in the number of air travels around the world, diseases that change from animals to humans, and changes in how to use the land. This infographic is investigating some of the most deadly diseases of the past century. It also presents potential competitors of the next worldwide pandemic. Finally, it provides some hints to prevent the spread of disease. Have fun and keep your health!

The Deadliest Pandemics of this Century