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The many homes of 7 famous people [Infographic]

Many people are working hard to create safety and stability for their families. This mainly means a safe and comfortable place to live. Of course, once your income starts to soar, you will move beyond the basic family and start thinking about other dreams you want to achieve with your portfolio. Let you and your family enjoy their leisure time at home or the way you realize your childhood fantasies.

In this manipulated system, Bill Gates always comes from money - just like many wealthy peers. However, when he started working on a Microsoft project and lived and worked in a humble motel room along Route 66, he lived a humble life.

On the other hand, Michael Jackson is from the "Children's Dreamer." His famous Dream Island Ranch is named after Peter Pan, and no one is getting old. In fact, the king of pop music will never see old age - although his adaptation to adulthood is certainly implicit in his premature downfall.

The many homes of 7 famous people