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The Most Educated Cities in America [Infographic]

Today, education is a hot topic across the United States. From the cost of the university, to the state public schools, how healthy the food is to the school. But which cities in the United States are considered to be the most educated cities? Many people want to see bigger cities at the top of the list, but that's not the case. Using the 2017 Census data and considering four different factors, this infographic from TitleMax breaks down the top 10 cities with the most education and the top 10 least educated cities. The rankings are based on degree acquisition, so the above four factors include the percentage of high school diplomas, the percentage of high school graduates, the percentage of college graduates, and the percentage of bachelor's degrees or above. It also has the top ten cities with the highest degree of bachelor's degree or higher, and on the other hand, it has 10 cities with at least a high school diploma. In which aspect is your city educated?

The Most Educated Cities in America