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The Relatively Unknown Makers Behind 15 Everyday Items [Infographic]

When we think of great inventions in history, we often think of people like Alexander Graham Bell inventing the phone, or the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison. However, we often think that there are many great inventions that are taken for granted. For example, think about how you can start the dishwasher today, check your home security system, stop at the traffic lights, and even sit on the keyboard. So who really invented all of this? With so many inventors, today is still relatively unknown! When you open the next can of soda, you know that the pull-on soda can was invented in 1967 by Ermal C. Fraze. He is a relatively unknown American inventor, but today there are about 150 billion cans of his patented can opener! The other was Marie Van Brittan Brown who invented the home security system in 1969. Her patents used TV monitors and remote controls more than 50 years ago! With the rise of the maker movement and the maker culture, who knows how other breakthrough and useful inventions may develop.