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Top 15 Facts About Emirates Mars Mission [Infographic]

The spacecraft will arrive in Mars in 2021 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the UAE. The rocket must be launched from Earth in a short "launch window" in July 2020. This is because the Earth and Mars orbit around the Sun at different rates and are only aligned once every two years at the nearest point. If any part of the task is not prepared in time or fails at the last minute, there may be no second chance.

Hope the spacecraft will be a compact hexagonal spacecraft. Made of aluminum, it features a hard, lightweight honeycomb structure with a sturdy composite panel on the surface. Its overall size and weight are comparable to that of a small car: it weighs about 1,500 kilograms, including fuel, with a width of 2.37 meters and a height of 2.90 meters.

Top 15 Facts About Emirates Mars Mission