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Why are Dyson cordless vacuums better than Shark? [Infographic]

Dyson is a brand number one among vacuum cleaner makers. Dyson is your brand when you are looking for a stable and powerful vacuum. It has a wide range of cordless vacuum cleaners that can hit every competitor with their versatile. When comparing a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner to Shark's analog, there are a few differences that make the Dyson model more favorable than the general one. I will introduce some of them.

1. Dyson cordless vacuum is lighter (Shark is 8.7 pounds, the weight of the huge Dyson model is 5.86 pounds).

2. Some Dyson models (V6) use the HEPA filter to provide better cleaning, if Shark has only pre-motor and post motor filters.

3. Dyson has larger bin capacity. Dyson's average bin capacity is about 0.6 liters, Shark's bins are 0, 3 quarts, which is wasting a long battery life and a powerful motor wasted.

Why are Dyson cordless vacuums better than Shark?