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Re-imagining Your Career Past 50 [Infographic]

Today's job market is highly competitive without discrimination of age, but 60% of workers with 45% and more experience age discrimination in the workplace. For most of the aging workforce, waiting to be replaced is just a reality - but not the only option.

In the 1960s, the Federal Employment Discrimination Act was designed to prevent employers from treating workers differently depending on their age - especially older workers. However, despite being unlawful, 60% of American workers aged 45 and over have experienced discrimination on the age at work. For short business leaders, the attractiveness of young workers (and potential low-wage salaries) is irresistible. Instead of experienced and experienced professionals, young workers are a priority, leaving many experienced veterans in trouble. But this experience has many advantages.

Do not wait for employees considered worthwhile - you can not replace yourself by starting a business. This infographic detail career challenges after 50 and how to stand ahead.

Re-imagining Your Career Past 50