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The State of Women in Construction [Infographic]

When you think of any male-dominated industry, architecture may be the first job that comes to mind. Among all those engaged in construction work, women account for only 9% of the workforce. There are fewer women working directly on the front line of construction sites - only one woman per 100 employees on site.

These factors can explain this huge gender gap, from unconscious gender bias to lack of adequate training to the overall perception of women working in the “man world”. Despite these obstacles, women still build their own path in the industry - according to Randstad, nearly one-third of companies last year upgraded women to senior positions. As the demand for skilled construction workers increases to 1.6 million over the next five years, the company is seeking to recruit more women to bring their skills to the field. So, what is the status of women in construction? To answer this question, we compiled key statistics and examined the background of women leaders in the construction industry.

The State of Women in Construction