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YouTube Live Vs. YouTube TV – Which Will Stand The Test Of Time [Infographic]

When it comes to Google, we have two clear understandings of this technology giant. First, it constantly changes or improves its products, and secondly the company continues to expand its product portfolio. This time not only is Pixel's competition with Apple, but also YouTube TV is designed to win the competition of broadcasters. While everyone is comparing new inventions with Hulu and Sling, I want to speculate which ones will stand the test of time - YouTube Live or TV. After all, both of these services belong to the YouTube umbrella, but one of them must be better than the other, right?

Launched in November 2008, YouTube Live marks another milestone - bringing "what is happening" to the world. The ability to record and share live video is welcomed by the consumer market and opens up new opportunities for brands, businesses and individuals. The biggest advantage of this service is that it allows for immediate feedback, reaction and interaction. So in the video, people from all over the world are chatting. In this way, your audience is not limited to physical locations, but also beyond the continental border.

YouTube Live Vs. YouTube TV – Which Will Stand The Test Of Time