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How Americans Commute [nfographic]

What is your daily commute? For Americans across the United States, commuting is definitely rough. This infographic, provided by, shows the transportation of the country's most populous 30 metropolitan statistical districts (MSA).

It also calculates the percentage of the five-year estimate for the 2017 ACS. Some of the statistics outlined in this infographic are very interesting! For example, do you know that 31.15% of people in New York City use public transportation? Or only 16.84% of San Francisco residents even use public transportation?

In the United States, it is determined that 85.6% of workers go to work through cars, trucks or vans. This is about 127,053,717! Among them, the city with the most single drivers is Decatur, Arizona, USA, and the number of residents is astonishingly 89.11%!

How Americans Commute