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Secrets to Living Longer: What We Can Learn from Blue Zones [Infographic]

By 2050, the Earth is expected to be the home of more than 3.5 million centenarians, that is, people over 100 years old. At every point in time, humans are always looking for the secret of longevity - the answer may be in the blue area of ​​the planet. The blue area is understood to be a particularly healthy and long-lived geographic area. The incidence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease is low in these areas, the risk of death in middle age is low, and the concentration of centenarians is higher than in any other area. But what makes these blue areas so special? Blue Zones Okinawa Japan, Ikaria Greece, Loma Linda California and Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica may have little in common in culture and citizenship, but these significant differences between the Blue Zones help us understand the longevity model.  The power of the Blue Zone can be seen in the lives of the people who live there; applying these qualities to our own lives is a tricky part. Where does this start? Details are in this infographic.

Secrets to Living Longer: What We Can Learn from Blue Zones