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What Goes Up In a Down Economy [Infographic]

What tattoos, luxury retail and candy might have in common? Well, from an economic point of view, they are all part of the industry, and they perform very well even during the economic downturn - but why? Through a fairly predictable phase, the economic situation may occasionally pass us a curve ball.

The impending recession has led to a potential depression that has plunged our economy and personal finances into chaos. The 1933 stock market crash triggered the Great Depression, with an unemployment rate of 25%; decades later, when the subprime mortgage bubble burst, the Great Depression was triggered and we are still dealing with these effects. However, even in the face of such economic uncertainty, there will always be enough pocket changes to enjoy the food.

From our bad habits to the necessities, there are more industries that survive and thrive during a recession, what we can learn from their success, and use this experience to help our own businesses succeed, regardless of the economy.

What Goes Up In a Down Economy