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150 Apps and Sites for Gig Culture #Infographic

With modern technology and global connectivity, there are countless ways to make money in addition to traditional 9-5 jobs. The flexibility and customization provided by the “Culture Culture” means ambitious, motivated and creative people can find the balance between their needs and desires. Love dogs and cats?

Applications such as Rover and Tailster offer animal lovers the opportunity to take care of their pets while also getting extra cash. cunning? Etsy is an excellent platform that brings together artisans from around the world to sell their unique handmade products. It really opens up a whole new world of community, culture and art. Do you like to drive and be proud of your clean, practical vehicle? Try Uber or Lyft and take people to and from the destination.

You will definitely meet some interesting characters! Maybe you have an endless voice and want to work with or Voice Bunny. This infographic provides 150 apps and websites that are part of the booming "gig economy."

150 Apps and Sites for Gig Culture