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Why Brands Matter and How Counterfeits Undermine Them [Infographic]

In 2018, counterfeit goods caused an economic loss of $323 billion. Some of these counterfeit products also cause property damage or even death. But what is a qualified counterfeit product? There are two common types of counterfeit, counterfeit and pirated items. Knocking at the door is an imitation of copyrighted materials and designer products. A pirated product is a copyrighted work that has not been copied by the owner.  More than a quarter of consumers are unknowingly buying non-authentic online. Fake goods often appear on seemingly innocent platforms, such as search engines and mobile apps. The brand is very important. There are several important reasons to avoid fakes. Fake goods rarely meet safety standards that could lead to property damage, injury or even death. Counterfeiting can also damage the economy and make production and prices more expensive. Fraudulent merchants can also steal personal information to create fake copies of you and your credit card.

Why Brands Matter and How Counterfeits Undermine Them