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Difference Between a Leader and a Boss #Infographic

It's important to understand the difference between the boss and the leader, especially when you start professional development. Working for a “leader” rather than a “leader” can ultimately determine your happiness, achievement and overall well-being, so understanding your talent is crucial. Some people can use the words "boss" and "leaders" interchangeably, but this is not entirely accurate. The reality is that this is just some bosses - a boss. They have reached a place in the leadership of the corporate pyramid. They have a nice office and a parking space designated for them. They create choices that influence the direction of the company and often dictate how to spend money. However, these do not make them leaders. The good news is that bosses can be leaders, and those who want to be effectively leaders in the workplace should give priority to doing so.  By understanding the main differences and applying them to the workplace, the boss can become the ruler of hiring and maintaining top talent, while also nurturing employee development and expanding the company's bottom line.

Difference Between a Leader and a Boss