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The History and Future of Wifi #Infographic

Although the Internet we are familiar with only appeared in the 1990s, scientists and inventors around the world are athetical digital instant connection service systems. Today, we predict that the future of 20 billion IoT devices worldwide will be 2.6 times more than the current number.

The theoretical ideas expressed by thinkers like Paul Otlet and Nikola Tesla make real-life applications possible. From the 1970s to the 1980s, localized versions of wireless connections were used, such as ALOHAnet and AT&T's WaveLAN. In the 1990s, when the first large wireless network was installed at Carnegie Mellon, rapid development began. In 1999, Wi-Fi itself was registered as a trademark by the Wi-Fi Alliance Trade Association.

There is nothing new in the sun - even the 8 billion connected devices on the planet have a long story to tell. For more information on the history and future of WiFi, please see this infographic.

The History and Future of Wifi