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The Journey of Steve Jobs #Infographic

Steve Jobs' vision of "computers" for "the rest of us" inspired the PC revolution and made Apple a symbol of American companies. But Steve Jobs's vision has become somewhat dark - some say his ego - and he was expelled from the business he helped find. Few people would disagree that Jobs actually hindered Apple's development, but without it, companies would lose their sense of direction and pioneering spirit. After nearly a decade of sales slump, Apple turned to its visionary founders for help, and one of the most incredible shifts of the 20th century was created by some older and smarter Jobs. The son of Steve Jobs, a mechanic in Mountain View, Calif., showed early interest in electronics and devices. In high school, he boldly called on HP co-founder and president William Hewlett to provide components for the school project.  Hewlett, who was impressed with Steve Jobs, not only gave him the components, but also provided him with an HP summer internship. There, Jobs met Steve Wozniak, a five-year-old young engineer with a tendency to mend.

The Journey of Steve Jobs

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