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Tips for Drone Safety #Infographic

The use of drones is increasing the building. From survey mapping to job monitoring, they can be used in many applications. The construction industry decided to adopt this technology and it took time to figure out how to use the drone. In addition to safety precautions, first learn how to use it.

Take DJI's FlightAutonomy technology as an example. It enables the drone to detect obstacles 49 feet away (Mavic Pro as shown above). This means you can fly up to 22 mph and know that your drone will automatically see things on the flight path and stop them.

FlightAutonomy technology also makes drones like Mavic Pro more accurate when flying indoors and outdoors! You can almost accurately land the drone at the beginning of it.

Use this smart technology to fly safer, protect you and others, avoid property damage, and protect your drone from collisions and injuries.

Tips for Drone Safety