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World Cities Ranked by Average Annual Sunshine Hours #Infographic

Looking for a sunny, warm holiday destination to escape? The best place to absorb the sun may surprise you! The duration of the sun measures the total number of hours of sunshine per year, giving the general impression that the city is sunny or cloudy on average.

Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest place on earth, enjoying 4,015.3 hours of sunshine a year! Yuma is located at the confluence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers, forming fertile and fertile soil – so crops can be grown year-round. Yuma and the surrounding area produce 90% of American lettuce. The least sunny place in the world is Toto, Colombia, with only 637 hours.

The mountainous nature of Colombia makes the climate warmer, with two distinct seasons - dry and wet. Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands, is followed by only 840 annual sunshine hours - only 6 hours of sunshine throughout the month of December!

World Cities Ranked by Average Annual Sunshine Hours