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How To Stop Your Smart Devices From Listening To You #Infographic

It’s fascinating to have a smart home, but are you putting yourself at risk? Recently, it has been reported that Apple, Amazon and Google employees can listen to your saved recordings through AI assistants Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. This fact has already been revealed. These companies claim that they manually review these recordings to help improve their services and virtual assistants.

With this in mind, these companies and many other companies have created ways to control your smart device records. These devices include Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers, smart TVs, smart video doorbells, smartphones and other Internet connected devices. Unfortunately, Apple hasn't created a way for you to delete Siri recordings. Below, we've provided an infographic that summarizes the various ways you can prevent your device from listening all the time.

How To Stop Your Smart Devices From Listening To You