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Google – King of Disruptive Technology #Infographic

Subversive technology can always create a new industry and market. Google is a leader in this area because it has a history of replacing existing technologies with breakthrough products and services. It introduced new products, offering customers different property packages and changing the entire business in the market.

Disruptive products serve new markets and offer simpler, easier and cheaper solutions. It makes life easier for ordinary people by meeting the needs of previous products.

There are many disruptive technologies, such as low-end and high-end interrupts. Multiple low-end interrupts paved the way for high-end disruptions. This infographic from InfoClutch shows all of Google's disruptive technology journeys, its top-notch innovations among users, and upcoming projects that change the rules of the game and have the power to change the world.

Google – King of Disruptive Technology